Gman's Blacklist Appeal

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Gman's Blacklist Appeal

Post by Gman » Tue Aug 21, 2018 10:18 pm

Player Name: Gman

GUID: Gman 76561198060820851

Date of Ban: Last Weekend.

Banned By: I don't know, the 509th.

Ban Reason: For spawning vehicles.

Why Should Your Ban Be Lifted:
I understand that some people have either heard or spread rumors about what I have said and I apologize for what they have heard. First off I want to start off by saying respectfully that those rumors are false. I did not go off on any type of rant and say that I am grateful for having been blacklisted from the 509th or have I ever sent a written an apology to the 509TH with several spelling errors. I have yet to attempt to write any formal apology to the 509TH until now.
The reason I have been blacklisted is for a very legitimate reason. I was participating in a 509TH hosted Mini-OP for several hours having a very good time. I don't know exactly if this is part of the reason why I was blacklisted but I was also killing Autismo because he had killed me a couple of times. That's not an excuse, just what happened. But after the operation had ended, I had spawned a vehicle using a banned mod on a 509TH operated server, that was the reason for my blacklist. I know this was wrong and against the rules but it was an in the moment action and it was very dumb and foolish. Having said that, I sincerely apologize for having broken a fundamental 509TH server rule.
Again, not an excuse but I just want to share my thought process during the after OP event. This may not seem very smart, but inside my little pea brain it sounded harmless and fun. So after the Operation had ended and the majority of people had left, we decided to do a battle royale against each other. It was Korbal, Micheal, Oakspirit, and Mist who participated in this event and we were all having a lot of fun. Of course all of these people I spend a lot of time with and we all like to screw around a lot. Sort of toward the end of the first round, I found Korbal and shot him in the face about 50 times and he didnt go down. He was using god mode. He said he was out and then I moved on and proceeded to kill Oakspirit who had been lobbing 40mm all over the city. I closed in on Mist who I knew the location of and I was about to start moving down a road when Korbal comes from behind me and starts lobbing hand grenades at me, while in god mode. He eventually kills me and I get pretty salty. So I thought it was a good idea (not) to spawn a helicopter and deliver a couple of hydras to KORBALS face, no one else but KORBAL. So that happened and ironically Oakspirit shot me down, and I spawned another one and tried to do it again and that's when the server went down. Of course I didn't see this as an act of disrespect for 509th rules or anything like that. We were all having a good time and I just wanted people to have a good laugh, it was purely bullshitery.
I also want to address the possible rumor that I had sent an an apology to the 509TH before writing this. After committing the act that led to my blacklist I turned to Micheal to help me out in this tough time since he is still in the 509TH. It has occurred to me that I had let him down in a number of ways that I admit to the things hes told me being 100% true. If you read this Micheal, I want to apologize again to you. I will copy and paste a the number of ways I had disappointed him and my sincere apology to HIM alone and not the 509th as a whole.

I think I have acted like an I am better than everyone dick head (referring to myself) but I dont want to come off as I am better than everyone. I did steel the S.O.P. then modify it a tad bit then realized that that was fucked then totally made a whole other S.O.P. using a few things from the 509th S.O.P. Maybe even then I should have still given you credit but now I just deleted all of that stuff for you. And the ITC guide is an ITC guide for DUMMIES like Autism and me, I maade it sympler and made step by step guides for me to use the features I knew how to use on the mod. But I have been a dick and these are my points of view on these things, I will try and fix my acyions and behaviors from here on.

Its extremely important to understand that I have no bad blood for anyone in the 509TH. I cant say the same for some 509th members about me or the 327th, but I love the 509TH, it was my home for a very long time and I still have many people I love who are in or visit the 509TH teamspeak regularly. Sure I have bantered a little bit to my close friends about joining the 327th when I first joined it, I know that word had gotten around in the 509th and I also want to apologize for that as well, that was very unprofessional of me. There were certainly no bad intentions in doing that, I personally liked the idea of the 327th and as many of you know, I like to fly, which Sam lets me do a lot of. These are my reasons for what I have done and my view on the matter. Again I meant no disrespect by committing the action that ultimately led to my blacklist it was pure bullshitery, I never said I was glad for being blacklisted, nor have I ever sent a formal apology to the 509th itself until now. I am disappointed in my actions, not the 509th, and I want to apologize and ask if it is okay that I gain access once again to at least the 509th teamspeak server, so I can talk to the people I love.

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Re: Gman's Blacklist Appeal

Post by dohop0 » Sun Sep 02, 2018 10:44 am

At this time, the Blacklist will be upheld until further deliberation by the NCO Corps. We will approach you with a final resolution when it has been addressed.
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Re: Gman's Blacklist Appeal

Post by Gman » Thu Sep 06, 2018 7:13 pm

It's been a while since I sent this, any developments?


Re: Gman's Blacklist Appeal

Post by Gmanleon » Sun Aug 18, 2019 4:44 pm


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