TheGreatKhan - Enlistment


TheGreatKhan - Enlistment

Post by TheGreatKhan » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:11 pm

InGame Name: TheGreatKhan
Location/Timezone: EST -5 GMT
Do you speak fluent English?: Yes

What role are you looking for in the unit?
(Do not request leadership roles, you start from PV1. like everyone else): 11B Infantry

*I own a legit copy of ArmA 3 (Yes/No) - Yes
*I own a working Microphone [Yes/No] - Yes
*What is your age? - 19
*How many hours do you have in ArmA? - 705
*I agree with 509th's "No double clanning" rule [Yes/No] - Yes
*I am able to attend 3-hour Friday and Saturday night events from 4:00pm PST [Yes/No] - Yes
*I am willing to check the forums and respond to mandatory posts on time [Yes/No] - Yes
*I will let the unit know when I cannot make a unit scheduled event and post an LOA on the forums [Yes/No] - Yes
*I am willing to download the mods required on time for events [Yes/No] - Yes
*I am currently serving in the military [Yes/No] - No
*Care to share a bit about your military background if you have one:

Please write a little bit about yourself (Gaming Experience or Real Life): I have been in various Arma Mil-Sim units/RP Communities pertaining to Arma 3, Arma 2, and DayZ, I have mostly been around the Arma 2 Mil-Sim communities which have now either fallen entirely or switched to Arma 3. These communities include the 25th MEU, 173rd Airborne Brigade, Absconditus Eminus, Task Force Vietnam, and others I cannot name due to time. The communities I left were due to my personal life that forced me to become inactive and leave my responsibility for the communities behind. I haven't joined any other communities in a while because I wanted to feel I had the ability to dedicate myself to a community and be able to progress without any personal obstacles.

Previous ArmA units/groups: 5th MEU, 173rd Airborne Brigade, Absconditus Eminus, Task Force Vietnam, and DayzRP

Why would you like to join us (At least one paragraph of why): This community seems well organized, willing to help others progress within the Mil-Sim genre of role play, and understands the need of the players in its communities that I don't see many other Mil-Sim's do. As I mean the 509 community is not as strict as other communities but in a good way. Sometimes being very strict can be beneficial to a community but so is not being as strict, either way as long as the community is striving to keep pressing towards the growth and quality.

Are you over 18? * - Yes

How did you find us: Through my friend MattTheZombie and a few others who told me about the operations that go on.

Are you willing to download the mods we require (approximately 23.3GB)? Do you require help installing mods? We recommend using PlayWithSix, however you may use whatever method you choose. [Yes/No] - Yes, I do not require help.

Mark if you cannot attend mandatory amount of operations. []

If you were recruited by a member of the unit (SEPARATE FROM THE PERSON WHO DID YOUR RECRUITMENT), please list name here:

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Re: TheGreatKhan - Enlistment

Post by Autismo » Sun Jan 14, 2018 3:28 pm

Application Accepted

Please contact someone with the SR or JR Tag on Teamspeak to do your orientation.


Re: TheGreatKhan - Enlistment

Post by Super_Boat » Sat Jan 20, 2018 11:37 am

Orientation completed by : MAJ. Super_Boat
Name chosen: TheGreatKhan
MOS: 11B

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