Posh Application


Posh Application

Post by Themostposhdog1 » Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:23 am

InGame Name: Themostposhdog
Do you speak fluent English?: Yes

What role are you looking for in the unit? Aviation
(Do not request leadership roles, you start from PV1. like everyone else):

3rd Battalion, 509th Parachute Infantry Regiment Available Roles:
[HIGH] 11B Infantry
[HIGH] 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman [Mortars.]
[HIGH] 13F Fire Support Specialist [Forward Observers.]
[CLOSED] 68W Combat Medic
[HIGH] 89D Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist
[CLOSED] 19K Ironside

Aviation Available Roles:
[CLOSED] Aviation
I was told that i could wait for a slot to open up for this, or that there was one more

*I own a legit copy of ArmA 3 (Yes/No) Y
*I own a working Microphone [Yes/No]Y
*What is your age? 15
*How many hours do you have in ArmA? 310 Hours
*I agree with 509th's "No double clanning" rule [Yes/No] Y
*I am able to attend 3-hour Friday and Saturday night events from 4:00pm PST [Yes/No] Y
*I am willing to check the forums and respond to mandatory posts on time [Yes/No] Y
*I will let the unit know when I cannot make a unit scheduled event and post an LOA on the forums [Yes/No] Y
*I am willing to download the mods required on time for events [Yes/No] Y
*I am currently serving in the military [Yes/No] N
*Care to share a bit about your military background if you have one: My uncles were in the millitary but that was about it..

Please write a little bit about yourself (Gaming Experience or Real Life): I enjoy being serious but can have a lot of fun, i intend to join the SEALs when i can and i have begun prepping for it. I can play any aviation role needed from Transporting tanks to CAS, and enjoy Arma greatly. I sometimes have a bad temper but i am usually cool under stress, and can keep my calm. I am usually quiet but during cooperative missions i will talk as much as needed.

Previous ArmA units/groups: I was in a milsim server a while ago, but i forgot the name...

Why would you like to join us (At least one paragraph of why): I have heard you guys have good training that would help me become a better pilot and you seem like a fun yet serious place to be. I like your members as they are nice and solve problems with fair resolutions and this also makes your server great. I am currently looking into your group because a1c Miller recommended it after he heard about my previous Milsim pilot training. I also value being a part of something and making some friends on the way through, i would like to move up the ranks with slow and hard work and maybe one day become a fixed wing pilot. (Im a dreamer.) The 509th just seems like a generally enjoyable place that will strengthen my skills, and dedication.

How did you find us: I play on this server often

Are you willing to download the mods we require (approximately 23.3GB)? Do you require help installing mods? We recommend using PlayWithSix, however you may use whatever method you choose. [Yes/No] I may require help

Mark if you cannot attend mandatory amount of operations. [] I may have some weeks where i am working but i will notify a member for those weeks.

If you were recruited by a member of the unit (SEPARATE FROM THE PERSON WHO DID YOUR RECRUITMENT), please list name here: A1C Miller

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Chief Warrant Officer 3
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Re: Posh Application

Post by Kyle » Sat Jun 24, 2017 1:25 am

Application denied, underage

You are free to continue playing on our public servers and can re-apply at a later date
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